PowerPoint is not the right tool for every job

6 05 2010

A couple of months ago, I saw a new member of my team do an awesome job with a presentation. Diana was asked to give a presentation and a demo to our MVPs. I was there for that presentation, and it was great. Diana looked like a pro: the deck was well-crafted, she talked comfortably about everything, she never read off the slide, the demos went off without a hitch. I told her afterwards that she was a natural presenter. She confessed that it wasn’t natural, it was a lot of hard work in preparing for it. She first wrote her deck, and then she practiced with herself. She made changes. Then she gave the presentation to one person, who had questions about her content and gave her tips for how to make everything flow together. She practiced, and she re-wrote when she learned that she needed to make something more clear, and she got it right. She communicated her ideas clearly and concisely, she kept everyone’s attention, and it worked really well.

Vía Mac Mojo

Definitivamente, la preparación es la que diferencia una buena presentación de una apestosa.. 

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